Teenager takes British boxing title

A PROMISING young Auchnagatt boxer has landed a blow for his village - and his country - after taking the Great British Championship medal for his weight class and age.

Thursday, 28th July 2011, 4:28 pm

Alex Paterson, 16, won the title after defeating the Welsh national champion at 44kg, Robbie Vernon, in a match at Cardiff University on July 9. He had previously won the Scottish title in April, and was one of a party of 25 youngsters who made the journey south to participate in the competition.

The victory now means that the ‘Auchnagatt Assassin’ could be called up to represent his country in a more international context, with prospective matches in Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan on the horizon.

Proud parents Ron and Wendy told the Times that he had boxed from the age of twelve, and was seeking to pursue his talent as far as he could.

Mum Wendy said: “He trains really hard, and puts in a lot of effort. He travels to Motherwell once a month, and to Peterhead Boxing Club three times a week. He eats really well to keep in shape.

“The family don’t really have a background in boxing, but his brother Greg also boxes and holds the Northern District title.”

Dad Ron told the Times: “Greg first became involved because he wanted to keep fit, but didn’t really enjoy things like football, and Alex followed him into the sport.

“We’re really proud of them both.”

Alex, who has a dedicated gym at home for training, added that he was considering a career in some aspect of fitness.