Unfortunate loss for 2nd Gordons

In view of the situation, Ellon Gordons 2nd XI are in, they really needed to win their Grade 3 fixture last Saturday against 2nd Stonehaven, to give them any real hope of beating the drop down to Grade 4. But they lost the game off the last ball of their 90 over match.

Most successful home bowler was Proctor with 3 for 42, whilst White claimed 2 for 31 in his 12 over allocation. As has often been said over the seasons, too many wides are bowled and here was a case in point when no fewer than 12 were conceded during the Stonehaven innings.

So at the end of the day Ellon are still firmly entrenched at the foot of the Grade 3 table on 48.71% some 2.82% behind Banchory, who they still have to play, but some 6.29% below the team above that - Dunecht - who Ellon had to scratch too at the beginning of the season due to lack of players.

Things could have been so different if Ellon had succeeded in winning because the other results mostly went in their favour. Ellon, though still bottom, would have been on 50.7%, some 0.83 % below Banchory and 4.3% below Dunecht. Ellon still have to play Banchory and FP’s while Banchory have also to play Methlick this weekend, while Dunecht play Crescent - so things could really have been interesting. But sadly, all too bleak for Ellon it seems