Ythan teams in Deeside action

Ythan CC fielded two teams in Sunday’s Scottish National Team Time Trial Championships organised by Deeside Thistle Cycling Club.

The 33-mile route started in Aboyne and headed west to Ballater before turning left over the River Dee and taking the riders east towards Potarch before the final five miles back to the outskirts of Aboyne.

Ythan’s A team fared best with Colin Duncan, Jordan Stronach, Hamish Cooper and Andy Duncan posting a time of 1:17.05 to finish 12th overall. The two juniors, Stronach and Cooper, both rode strongly with their ascending abilities working well in conjunction with the power produced by their elder partners.

Ythan B suffered a mechanical scare after only two miles when Tom McCleman struck a pothole, temporarily dislodging his handlebars but some on-the-move repairs got the team heading west again with Craig Ward the driving force of the quartet.

Malcolm Grant faded a few miles later suffering from heavy legs leaving McCleman, Ward and Russell Craig to complete the course in 1:21:25.

This weekend sees the Bob Souter 10 mile time trial on the fast Ythanbank/Methlick course and as the last ten mile test of the season many riders will be looking to post a final fast time before the season draws to a close in late September.

Scottish National Team Time Trial Championships, Aboyne: 1 27 Dooleys Cycles www.Dooleys#8208; 01:10:43; 2 14 Edinburgh RC Edinburgh RC 01:11:36; 3 7 Sandy Wallace Cycles Sandy Wallace Cycles 01:12:02; 4 17 Moray Firth CC team A Moray Firth CC 01:12:14; 5 9 Musselburgh RCC A Team Musselburgh RCC 01:13:06; 6 22 Granite City RT Granite City RT 01:13:37; 7 25 Aberdeen Wheelers A Aberdeen Wheelers CC 01:13:44 8 19 Team Thomsons Cycles Team Thomsons Cycles 01:14:43; 9 20 Fullarton Wheelers A Fullarton Wheelers 01:15:53; 10 23 Deeside Thistle Deeside Thistle CC 01:16:06; 11 13 Ayr Roads CC Ayr Roads CC 01:16:37; 12 11 Ythan A Ythan CC 01:17:05; 13 15 Paisley Velo 2 Paisley Velo CC 01:17:11; 14 8 Dunfermline CC Kinross CC 01:17:20; 15 24 MFCC Moray Firth CC 01:19:20; 16 21 Aberdeen Wheelers B Aberdeen Wheelers CC 01:21:00; 17 26 Ythan CC B Team Ythan CC 01:21:25; 18 5 MRCC team 2 Musselburgh RCC 01:21:40; 19 16 ERC Vets Edinburgh RC 01:23:11; 20 12 Paisley Velo CC Paisley Velo CC 01:23:12; 21 10 Fullarton Team B Fullarton Wheelers 01:25:53; 22 3 Stirling Bike Club Stirling Bike Club 01:31:21; 23 2 Paisley Vel o CC Paisley Velo CC 01:35:57; DNF 6 Deeside Thistle SRCK Deeside Thistle CC 01:28:18

DNF 1 SBC 2 Stirling Bike Club 02:01:31.