Latest Ellon Cinema Day

The next cinema event in Ellon will be on Sunday, April 14, at the Victoria Hall.

Disney’s The Great and the Powerful will be shown at 2.30pm, with all tickets £5.

At 6pm, Hyde Park on Hudson will be screened with tickets £7 for adults, concessions and under15s £5.

The Cinema Days in the town have been proving extremely popular and they have led to the formation of Ellon Cinema Club.

It is hoped that if this success continues, funding will be sought from grant sources to procure the hall’s own projector and surround sound systems.

Plans are under way and the all-important gathering of specifications is now on-going.

Earlier this month local film-goers were out in force for Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph and Lincoln. They praised the atmosphere and friendly volunteers and seating arrangements in the hall.