Ellon Cinema return draws the crowds

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Ellon Cinema returned to the Victoria Hall on Sunday after the summer break, welcoming large numbers of film-goers through the doors.

Despite glorious weather, the children’s matinee, The Smurfs 2, saw a large number of youngsters and their families and the evening’s performance, The Lone Ranger, was also well attended.

Here, Vicki Morgan, of the Cinema Club, reviews the Smurfs film.

“As a child of the early 80s I remember the original Smurfs cartoon and I hated it. They pranced about in their happy little world, singing away merrily among the mushrooms whilst an idiot wizard with his mangy cat tried to lure them into a stew and I remember Smurfette having an awful, gravelly voice akin to someone on 60 cigarettes a day.

Naturally I avoided the first Smurfs film like the plague and so my heart sank when the votes came in from the Ellon Cinema Facebook page that The Smurfs 2 had won the vote.

However, we had pretty much a full house for the film and I began to wonder whether I was missing something and perhaps those little blue fellas with their annoying theme tune (you know the one, la la la la la la la…) I’ve detested so much weren’t as bad after all. So I sat with my daughter and we watched the film. And, much to my relief, it was brilliant.

Smurfette has a bit of an identity crisis due to unknown parentage and after being kidnapped by the evil magician Gargamel, has to decide whether to reveal a secret formula, which in the wrong hands, would mean the end of the Smurfs for good. It would also help nasty Gargamel obtain enough blue Smurfy essence to have the power to rule the world. Mwahahahaha!

What follows is the rescue attempt by a team of Smurfs led by Papa Smurf (voiced by the original Grandpa Smurf, Jonathan Winters) to save Smurfette and their very own race.

The Smurf characters themselves are computer-generated images and placed in the “real” world with human actors yet within a few minutes into the film you just start to accept that they are really there and the “real” people are actually talking to them.

There are many aerial shots around Paris which was a nice treat and a great bird race around the arches of Notre Dame Cathedral which I enjoyed. The actor who stands out is Hank Azaria who plays Gargamel. He plays the character of the magician so well that it can be hard to differentiate between him and the original cartoon character from the 80s.

He also offered most of the comedy moments and his final scream (like a girl) as he gets bitten by a gargoyle filled Victoria Hall with many giggling children and adults alike.

This film was met with many poor reviews in the papers and online, however, I’m amazing myself and I’m going to stand up for the Smurfs and say I enjoyed this film very much and would even see it again.

My little girl has given it a 100/10, which I’m sure echoes the views of many of the younger audience, however, I’m giving it a 7/10. Smurftastic!

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Cinema Day, we’re glad to be back to serve the community by screening recent films and appreciate all who support us. Without this continued support the Cinema Days could not continue so a big thank you and well done to everyone who came to event.

The next Cinema Day will be Sunday, October 6, and we will be screening Planes and What Maisie Knew. We look forward to seeing you next month!”