Bollywood heads to New Deer for latest show

Don't miss How to Make a Killing in Bollywood
Don't miss How to Make a Killing in Bollywood

Northumberland Theatre will be making a return to New Deer on October 28, with the play ‘How to Make a Killing in Bollywood’.

The company has entertained north-east folk over the years with shows such as Tartuffe, Whisky Galore, The Old Curiosity Shop and last year with Wife and the Gallows and other Tales.

Volunteer promoter, Susan Robertson, said: “This new show is a musical comedy about two best friends who decide to quite their jobs in a fast food restaurant and head to Bollywood in search of fame and fortune.

“Scottish-based actor Raza Khan is turned down for another acting role. He is faced with the stark reality of a lifetime of working in the family take-away, serving chips and cheese to the local wide-boys.

“Before consigning himself to this nightmare he wants one last chance to try and make it big and show the world that he is truly capable of.

“Where better to hit the dizzying heights of fame and fortune than a place where there are a thousand roles for guys like him?”

This is a play about friendship and ambition and th elengths people will go to realise their dreams, punctuated throughout with a fantastic sound track and infections injections of Bollywood dance moves.

Tickets are £10/£8 available from The Pharmacy 01771 644217, Food for Thought 01771 644366, or on the door.