Liam gets set for the big-time

Ellon student Liam Christie in London production.
Ellon student Liam Christie in London production.

A young Ellon student has been experiencing the bright lights of London in his quest for stardom.

Liam Christie has taken part in Terry Prachet’s Soul Music after being accepted to study with Youth Music Theatre UK.

Former Ellon Academy pupil Liam, 17, was previously involved in “Dramatize” at St Mary-on-the-Rock and the school drama club.

The London course was held at the Wilde Theatre.

Liam said: “The performances themselves were so much fun, even with all the pressure and the backstage issues.

“Everything went more or less to plan, certain mistakes actually increasing the energy of us all.

“It was tremendously good fun and I have made loads of new friends and it has cemented my dream of pursuing acting as a profession, starting with another YMT audition next year.”

His mum Shirley, who accompanied him on the trip, added: “Liam was very excited about doing this and he thoroughly enjoyed his two weeks.

“The show itself was amazing. To think that they managed to do a 90-minute performance, which looked so slick, and the songs and acting in two weeks was astonishing. I’m very proud of him.”

Liam organised a series of fund-raising events throughout this year, including a well-attended Scottish night in Ellon during the summer, to meet the cost of the trip.

He has thanked all those in the town and elsewhere who have supported him in his bid for stardom.