Films for all to enjoy at the latest Ellon Cinema

The tribute night will be held in the Victoria Hall.
The tribute night will be held in the Victoria Hall.
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A triple bill was screened at the latest Ellon Cinema Day last Sunday.

The Nut Job, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gone Girl offered a varied selection of films to differing age groups.

Ellon Cinemas Vicki Morgan and her family reviewed two of the films.

The Nut Job: I went to see this film with my hubby and daughter, with a little trepidation to be honest as it looked like a low-budget offering by a little known South Korean film company. After a bit of research it seems the film is an offshoot of a 2005 film called Surly Squirrel, which was of no consequence really as we’d not heard of that one either. However, the animation was excellent, the plot well-paced with plenty of funny gags and the ending wasn’t as predictable as expected, well, not for me anyway!. There were also lessons of corruption of power and how those at the top can often have self-interest in mind rather than the good of the community, a poignant message when one considers some of those in positions of power in the real world. And of course the gangsters didn’t get away with the bank heist in the end so they got their just desserts too.

A sequel, Nut Job 2, is due to be released in Jan 2016 and I’ll look forward to seeing that one too.

A bit nuts but you’ll enjoy it – 6/10

Gone Girl: I really enjoyed watching this film, although there were a few gory bits which for those with a weak stomach may not have gone down well. The audience are encouraged to try to work out the mystery and perhaps take sides between the couple but this film just isn’t as clear cut as that. Nothing is what it seems and by the end you’re left feeling sorry for the adulterer. All in all a good offering and one I would recommend to watch, but not if you’re going through marriage difficulties at the time...

Tense and a bit gory but worth a watch 7/10