Garioch Fiddlers to hold AGM

The Garioch Fiddlers held their Annual General Meeting at the Kintore Arms Hotel, Inverurie on Monday, (August 18).

In his review of the past year Chairman Joe McDowall reported, “It has been another successful year for the Garioch Fiddlers’ Strathspey and Reel Society.

“Our Conductor, Colin Dempster, continued to introduce new and interesting music and led a varied and full concert programme throughout the session with enthusiasm and commitment. Nicola Teirney has taken the Junior Orchestra to great heights. Nicola has been developing a more extended programme of “Junior Concerts” which has been very popular with players and followers alike.

“The Committee meet regularly and all work hard to ensure things go well. We endeavour to make what we do a team effort. This year we were able to convince Sybil Clews to stay on as Secretary by reintroducing a ‘post from the past’. Maeve McDowall has picked up the reins of ‘Concert Diary Secretary’ to ensure that we fulfil our commitments but try not to be overloaded. Splitting the secretarial duties like this has been very successful. This change has required a slight amendment to the Society’s constitution which was addressed at the AGM.

“Over the session we have lost a few members but also we have gained new members as well. So our membership, both senior and junior, continues to be healthy. We meet and play music together for enjoyment and we are very fortunate to have members who continue to create original pieces which we have the privilege of playing for the first time in public.

“In conclusion, thanks to everyone for making it another successful year for the Society.”

Garioch Fiddlers practices are held on Mondays at 6.30pm for Juniors and 7.30pm for Seniors in the Kintore Arms Hotel, Inverurie, the new season starting on Monday, August 25. New members are welcome in both junior and senior groups.

For further information contact Sybil Clews, on 07801 792541 or email:

The newly elected Committee are: Chairperson: Joe McDowall; Senior Conductor: Colin Dempster; Assist. Conductor: Neil Hehir; Junior Conductor: Nicola Tierney; Treasurer: Manda Sim; Secretary: Sybil Clews; Concert Diary Secretary: Maeve McDowall; Committee Members: Heather Wilson, Jerry Morse, Morna Holmes: Honorary President: Dorothy Ferguson