Historic military camp re-enactment at Haddo

Erskine's Regiment was one of Haddo's busiest events last year.
Erskine's Regiment was one of Haddo's busiest events last year.

The re-enactment of a 17th century military encampment will take place at Haddo House this weekend.

The event on Saturday and Sunday will bring the sights, sounds and smells of the period to life - featuring musket ball casting, traditional medicines, preparing meals and defending the camp by Erskine’s Regiment.

It tells the story of Sir John Gordon on the run in 1643 and a small detachment of Royalist soldiers have been left to defend Haddo from government troops.

There will be regular displays throughout the day including sword fighting, live musket fire demonstrations and staged skirmishes in the park.

Children and adults can take part in pike drills and weapons practice, handle replica weapons and explore all the other activities throughout the camp.

Haddo House and Country Park visitor officer Diana Spencer said: “Erskine’s Regiment was one of our busiest events last year.

“You get right in the middle of the action- I have vivid memories of being charged at by the musketeers and the pike team while I was trying to take photographs, which was terrifying to be honest even though you know it’s not real. It’s all in a beautiful historic setting as well.”

The camp will be open from 11am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Entry to all the displays and activities and car parking is free.