Leading artist to exhibit at Tarves

John Lowrie Morrison is returning to Tolquhon Gallery for a special exhibition
John Lowrie Morrison is returning to Tolquhon Gallery for a special exhibition

Best-selling Scottish artist John Lowrie Morrison - known as “Jolomo” - is preparing to unveil 50 new paintings in a solo exhibition at an Aberdeenshire art gallery.

Jolomo: West to Argyll and the Hebrides, which opens at the Tolquhon Gallery near Tarves on Saturday until April 25, celebrates the beauty of Scotland’s West Coast.

John Lowrie Morrison is one of Scotland’s most popular and successful artists, with an international reputation. His paintings have been bought by celebrities including Sting, Madonna and Rick Stein.

The new exhibition brings together paintings of the artist’s favourite places in Argyll.

Figures rarely appear in his works but he paints a landscape informed by human presence, often featuring crofts and boats. The weather and changing light through the seasons inspire his paintings.

John said: “I’m always drawn back to painting Argyll and the islands. The light is wonderful, and it varies so much from season to season, from day to day, even from hour to hour. Every time I look at the landscape there is something new to see.

“I like to paint in all seasons and weathers and at different times of the day. The light changes dramatically, and brings out very different tones and colours. Even in winter, there is a lot of colour, the light creates surprising colours on the snow and in the sky.”

He first exhibited at Tolquhon Gallery in 1998, which was his first show in the North-east.

Joan Ross who owns the gallery with her husband, Danny, said: “He was little known at the time but it was clear even then that there was something special about his work, that it made a strong connection with people.

“He is a hugely energetic painter. He celebrates the Scottish landscape, never tiring of expressing its beauty, and his work always lifts the spirits.

“2017 marks our 30th year as a gallery and we are delighted to be welcoming him back to Tolquhon for this special exhibition.”