Bennachie inspires 100 new tunes

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AN ABERDEENSHIRE accordionist has published a second book of compositions.

The book, entitled ‘The Bennachie Collection’ contains 100 tunes in the Scottish idiom and reels, jigs, strathspeys, two-steps and waltzes are among those included.

Ian Thow is a past chairman of the Garioch Fiddlers, a role which he held for five years.

His compositions can be heard on their CDs as well as recordings by Scottish dance bands.

The Bennachie Collection features tunes with titles such as ‘The Gowk Stane’, ‘The Heather Brig’, ‘Hermit Seat’ and Craignathunder - all found on Bennachie.

Also included are ‘The Floods of Urie’ and ‘The Burghmuir Barn Dance’ and various other tunes written specifically for members of the Garioch Fiddlers.

The slow air ‘Memories of Bill Johnston’ was featured during this year’s Fiddlers Rally held in Inverurie Town Hall last April. Bill was chairman of the Garioch Fiddlers when he suffered a fatal fall in Glen Shiel last July.

Another special composition entitled ‘Men of Bennachie’ was composed for James Mackay and Algy Watson when they were awarded MBEs for their conservation work on the hills.

Other interesting titled include ‘The Shoogly-Wullie Polka’, ‘Esma’s Keiliper’, ‘Cornie Focherins’, ‘Fireflacht’ and ‘The Wag at the Wa’.

Ian has composed over 300 tunes with around 130 still to be published.

While some have been written especially for Scottish dances and have been included in books by the RSCDS and by dance organisations in Newcastle, Leeds and Birmingham.

To obtain a copy of Ian’s new book, The Bennachie Collection, contact Ian direct on his mobile 07709 237346.