Santa set for Sleigh Run

Santa is getting ready to visit Ellon's neighbourhoods over the coming week
Santa is getting ready to visit Ellon's neighbourhoods over the coming week

Santa Claus is getting hs sleigh ready in preparation for his various visits around Ellon’s neighbourhoods.

The visits, organised by Ellon Round Table, will begin on Saturday (December 10) in Castle Park.

Santa will then visit Newburgh on December 11, starting his tour at Newburgh Hotel before heading up through the village.

On December 12 he will return to Ellon and visit the new housing estates.

His visit will start at Knockothie Brae before heading down Knockothie Crescent, stopping at all the surrounding streets.

On December 13 Santa will head up to the Hillhead and Eilean Rise area.

His visit will start on Hillhead Road and he will make his way towards St Mary’s Drive, Patey Road and the surrounding streets.

He will then move on to Eilean Rise and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Those in the Meiklemill area should look out for Santa on December 14.

He will start at the Co-op before visiting Bruce Crescent, Barratt Drive and nearby streets.

Santa will then visit Ness Circle on December 15.

He will stop by Meadowvale Care Home before heading up Commercial Road towards Ness Circle and will go back down through Raeburn.

Santa’s final stop will be Craigpark and Esslemont on December 16.

George Stewart of Ellon Round Table said: “We would like to thank Powerjacks who have kindly covered the costs involved with the Sleigh runs allowing us to put every penny collected into our charity account which will be donated out to local charities and good causes.

“We’re also collecting gifts again this year for North sound’s Cash for Kids Mission Christmas.

“People can donate any unwrapped gifts for children in the North East who might not otherwise have anything to open.

“Last year we collected 303 toys from our Sleigh Run and donated them as a donation from Ellon.

“We are hoping to build on this and collect even more this year.”